Binance Partners with Showmax to Boost Crypto Adoption in Africa

• Binance has partnered with Showmax, a video streaming provider in Africa.
• 500 Binance users in Nigeria will get a free month of streaming as part of the partnership.
• The goal is to encourage more people to adopt cryptocurrency and participate in the digital economy.

Binance Partners With Showmax

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a partnership with video streaming provider Showmax in an effort to promote crypto adoption in Africa. As part of this collaboration, 500 Binance users in Nigeria will receive free streaming for one month after signing up and actively participating in Web 3 activities.

Encouraging Crypto Adoption

Emmanuel Ebanehita, West Africa Marketing Director for Binance commented: “We are excited to be working with Showmax to provide our new users with an incredible opportunity to be involved in Web 3. This promotion comes at a time when many Africans are embracing the technology behind cryptocurrencies”. The partnership has been welcomed by Opeoluwa Filani, General Manager of Showmax Nigeria who hopes that more people will start using his company’s video streaming platform as a result.

Participating In The Promotion

To join the crypto adoption and education program on Binance customers must register and make a $10 transaction. After completing the registration form, they can verify their participation within the campaign.

Issues With Futures Trading

Meanwhile, there were some issues reported regarding futures trading on Binance; however it only affected USD-Margined contracts and was quickly fixed by the platform team who announced that all normal operations had resumed shortly after identifying the problem.


The recent partnership between Binance and Showmax is set to boost cryptocurrency adoption across Africa by providing users with an incentive for getting involved with Web3 platforms such as those offered by cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

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