Rollux: Speed, Security & Affordability on Ethereum

• SYS Labs has launched an innovative EVM Layer-2 solution, Rollux, which is powered by Syscoin.
• Rollux uses SuperDapp, a Web3 social platform with chat features, built-in non-custodial wallet and optimized versions for mobile and online platforms.
• Rollux solves the blockchain trilemma by offering speed, scalability, cost efficiency, decentralization and security.

Innovative EVM Layer-2 Solution ‘Rollux’ Launched by SYS Labs

SYS Labs has launched an innovative EVM Layer-2 solution ‘Rollux’ that is powered by Syscoin. This unique method of scaling Ethereum sets SYS Labs apart from its competitors. The product suite includes SuperDapp, a Web3 social platform with vital chat features, a built-in non-custodial wallet for easy asset management and optimized versions for both mobile and online platforms as part of a holistic ecosystem. This end to end encryption protected combination of blockchain and AI technology marks a significant advancement in the sector’s development.

Features of Rollux

The features of Rollux include increased mainstream investments through Pegasys DeFi Exchange & AMM, Luxy NFT Platform , Pali Wallet (web & mobile), DAOSYS and Camada – a non custodial regulatory compliant crypto trading platform. Additionally it offers unmatched speed , scalability & cost while still retaining high levels of decentralization & security because it uses combined mining with Bitcoin – the only significant rollup to use this technique .

Benefits offered by Rollux

Rollux provides many benefits such as increased throughput at scale , quickest speeds , most economical user experience with lowest transaction fees all while respecting core ideas that gave blockchain its value in the beginning .

Jagdeep Sidhu’s Comments on Rollux

Jagdeep Sidhu , CEO of SYS Labs voiced his opinion on Rollux stating “Rollux is the embodiment of our shared vision and unwavering commitment . We are delivering on our promise of speed , decentralization , security , affordability & scalability – the core pillars of blockchain technology which we always believed were necessary for fostering mass adoption” .

Significance Of Launch Of Rollux

The launch of Rollux marks an important development in the world of blockchain as it solves persistent blockchain trilemma thus enabling widespread adoption while respecting core ideas that gave blockchain its value in first place ..

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