Shibarium Soars to Record Highs: 30 Million Transactions in 48 Hours

• Shibarium testnet transactions have surged significantly, reaching nearly 29 million.
• The launch of Shibarium appears to be imminent after the Eth Toronto conference.
• Lucie, the official marketing specialist of Shiba Inu, has stated that an exact release date for Shibarium mainnet has yet to be determined.

Shibarium Testnet Transaction Surge

Data from the Puppyscan explorer shows a notable increase in the number of Shibarium testnet transactions over the past two days, with the total transaction count currently approaching 30 million. Additionally, 17,061,579 wallets are associated with Shibarium beta Puppynet and no new wallets have been connected in recent weeks.

Shibarium Launch Update

The launch of Shibarium is expected to occur sometime after August 16th when the Eth Toronto conference concludes. SHIB will be among the sponsors at this event and Shytoshi Kusama (the lead developer) plans on delivering a speech using AI technology during this time. However, Kusama remains anonymous and an exact release date for mainnet hasn’t been announced yet by Lucie (the official marketing specialist for Shiba Inu).

Anticipation Within SHIB Community

When questions persisted before June regarding when Shibarium would become available, Kusama clarified that his previous statement was misinterpreted and he was no longer focused on specific dates. The extended period of anticipation within the SHIB community culminated in Puppynet’s launch on March 11th this year.

Key Announcements Expected at Eth Toronto

Kusama previously mentioned that significant SHIB-branded projects would be unveiled at Eth Toronto and it appears these announcements may hold key information about the upcoming launch of Shibarium mainnet.


The number of testnet transactions associated with Shibarium continues to surge as users await its imminent launch following Eth Toronto’s conclusion later in August 2021. Significant announcements at this event could provide further insight into when exactly mainnet will be released and what features it will include upon its debut.

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