Trust Wallet Simplifies Crypto Tax Reporting: Get Free Insights & Discounts!

•Trust Wallet has integrated with Coinpanda, Koinly and CoinTracker to offer users free insights reports and a quick and easy way to generate tax reports.
•The new integration makes it easier for users to understand their crypto tax liability and manage the challenges of reporting during the upcoming tax season.
•Users that use Trust Wallet and one of its partner services will get a discount when creating their tax report.

Trust Wallet Offers Simplified Crypto Tax Reporting

Trust Wallet, one of the leading self-custodial multi-chain mobile wallets, has announced today that it is collaborating with Coinpanda, Koinly, and CoinTracker to offer its users free insights reports as well as an easy way to generate tax reports. This integration makes it simpler for users to comprehend their cryptocurrency tax liability while adhering to local regulations.

One-Click Service

The one-click service provided by Trust Wallet allows users to easily input information without any manual labor. By using the new feature, customers can have a better understanding of their crypto holdings during this upcoming taxation season. In addition, holders of 50 $TWT will also receive further discounts on complete tax report creation when utilizing any partner service.

Seamless Experience

Eric Chang, Head of Product at Trust Wallet, expressed that they are committed in providing a seamless experience for users when it comes to cryptocurrency taxes: “Our free insights report offers a comprehensive overview of a user’s crypto holdings which can be just as useful for those who don’t want to file taxes.” He added that with this new feature they are taking another step towards empowering their users with necessary information while simplifying the process at the same time.

Partner Services Benefits

Eivind Semb, CEO and Founder at Coinpanda said: “We believe that everyone should be able to easily and accurately report their cryptocurrency taxes regardless of expertise…Together we are making tax reporting accessible to everyone in the crypto community.” Vera Tzoneva COO at CoinTracker shared her excitement about partnering with Trust Wallet saying: “At CoinTracker our mission is to enable everyone use crypto with peace of mind”.


In conclusion this partnership between Trust Wallet and its partner services ensures that customers have an easier time when filing taxes during this upcoming season while providing them discounts too!

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